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William Roam Identity and Collateral

Miles Design worked with the team at William Roam on an extensive project which encompassed their identity and stationery, website, the naming and packaging for three product lines, a magazine-style product catalog and a series of marketing videos. 

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Apr 01 2014
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Apple had to make real the dreams people didn’t know were dreamable.
How Apple, born on April 1, 1976, went from underdog to cult in six design and innovation strategies from the comapny’s early days (via explore-blog)

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Dec 25 2013
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Proud Volume 2

The second in our on-going series of Volumes was designed to explain our working philosophies of Optimism, Simplicity & Brand Ergonomics, as well as giving an overview of our projects.

A clean and simple illustrative style was developed and executed in house, supported by client testimonials and short introductions to the studio’s approach.

More on: proudcreative.com

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Claridge’s: Hotel

Branding by Construct

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Nov 18 2013
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Sylvain Toulouse   |   http://sylvaintoulouse.com

"A designer’s identity needs to look different. I used the distinct frames of my glasses as both icon and logo to evoke myself. New branding stationery starts with radical splinter-free wooden business cards. Add to this several choices of colors and papers… the result is a harmony that reflects my individuality."

Sylvain Toulouse is a passionate designer who has gained international recognition for his designs and logos. Now making Montreal his home, he has worked previously at leading design studios and ad agencies in Ottawa. Sylvain’s extensive skills have also enabled him to act as art director for several design and advertising projects.

(Source: behance.net)

Nov 01 2013
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Idlewild Bookstore 

Designed by Andrew Colin Beck, idlewild is a travel themed bookstore with locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City. 

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Oct 17 2013
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J. Hornig

For 100 years now J. Hornig has been bringing delicious coffee to Austria. It’s a popular family-run business with traditional roots. The colours for me really make this brand standout, the browns feel like traditional coffee but the vibrant colours add a mix of new life to the brand. 

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Dynamics, asthetics and sensuality aren’t simply features of dance, but furthermore those of the “Motion Theater”. A theater that combines modern elements with classical ones in order to add suitable significance to this magical art. The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their connections to the theater, so that it appears to be “in motion” at all times. The dancer, their moves and the music create a new sphere due to their everlasting dependence on one another. It seems as if they originate from the theater. Therefore, the logo (on posters) arises in immediate incorporation to the dancer. The expression of the dance as “movement in space” is enforced by elements such as the “floating” typography.

(Source: behance.net, via typographie)

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